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University of Arizona Willed Body Program: Whole-Body Donation

Since 1967, the Willed Body Program at The University of Arizona, College of Medicine, Department of Cellular & Molecular Medicine, has remained committed to honoring the wishes of our donors to further the education of future and current health professionals through the gift of body donation. 

Located in Tucson, Arizona, the Willed Body Program serves students, educators and medical residents throughout the State of Arizona by connecting them with residents of Arizona who have opted to become body donors. Some of the Arizona universities we work with include:

  • University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson and Phoenix campuses
  • Arizona State University (ASU)
  • Northern Arizona University (NAU)
  • A.T. Still University

As a whole-body donation program, we continue the long-standing tradition of supporting medical education and training while attending to our donors and their survivors with respect and integrity. We honor our body donors by exceeding the standards of anatomical donation and the regulations determined by the Arizona Anatomical Gift Act (Chapter 7, Articles 1-3), the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act and FDA guidelines for the handling of human remains. We are dedicated to working together with surviving friends and family members of body donors from the time of death up to the time of disposition.

How Body Donation Benefits Students

Students gain invaluable experience that is made possible by the extraordinary gifts from body donors. Body donations give students the foundation for the practical skills and knowledge that are essential to a future practice in medicine. The anatomy lab provides students with the unique opportunity to learn about the structures of the human body and how they function through touch and discovery. Every person’s body is unique, and the subtle differences in the structures found in each person's body can only be observed in real people. Anatomical donations are foundational to medical education because they let students learn how the idealized illustrations found in textbooks and models present themselves in the real world.

With Gratitude to Our Donors

Every year, the medical students from the University of Arizona express their gratitude to the families and friends of our donors by planting a tree dedicated to those donors who passed away that year and by holding a memorial service in their honor.

To view the Willed Body Program Memorial Trees online, click here.


For directions to visit the Willed Body Program Memorial in person, click here.


To watch this year's Willed Body Program Memorial Service honoring body donors who passed away in 2014, click here.


Becoming a Body Donor

Donating your body is an important decision. There are many reasons for electing body donation, and many things to consider when making the decision to become a body donor. Our FAQs page contains information and answers to many questions you may have regarding anatomical donation. Please call or email us with additional questions. Body Donation Enrollment Application forms with instructions are available on our Enrollment Page.